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Which RBoy DTH?

(Brendan) #1

Newbie here, please don’t hate.

Which RBoy Smartapp integrates the Z-Wave Plus PIR multi sensor?

Thanks in advance for your help!

(Jimmy) #2

they’re all on his website. What you’re looking for is called a “device handler”.


If you paid for their license, you are entitled to their support, who should be able to give you the quickest and most accurate answer. :sunglasses:

(Mark) #4

Which z-wave plus multi sensor?

(Brendan) #5

Monoprice (P/N 15902)
Z-Wave Plus PIR Multi Sensor
Temp - Humidity - Light

(Mark) #6

You’ve gotten pretty good advice so far.

You can check RBoy’s website for yourself, you don’t even need to subscribe.

Or if you already paid for access, it comes with support.