Which Mobile User Executed a Routine? Two mobile phones, different results for each person executing


Trying to determine which phone executed a routine and have WebCore act differently depending on who executed? I.e. If person ‘A’ executes routine then do ‘X’ if person ‘B’ executes routine then do ‘Y’.

This is easy enough utilizing presence sensors (i.e. when person ‘A’ is present and person ‘B’ is not present, do ‘X’ and when person ‘A’ is not present and person ‘B’ is present, do ‘Y’) However, When both phones are present, I would like to utilize the executor?

The SmartThings classic app shows show who executed a routine in the notifications, but don know how to act of it?

$cuurentdevice I believe will return what device triggered the piston

If $currentdevice == ‘Fred’
Then do stuff
End if

to your suggestion, I gathered all the “current” variables after I executed the routine and nothing helpful came up.
CurrentEventDevice = Home