Which EvoHome to buy?

I appreciate that ST support for EvoHome is coming soon :wink: and that’s ok but I’m considering buying an EvoHome system and have no idea which bit will eventually connect to my ST hub? There are fancy radiator valves, love the Lyric 6 thermostat but what’s the bit I absolutely need which will eventually allow me to connect it to my ST hub? Could anyone help me out in this? Thanks in advance.

Lyric 6 and Evohome are different things. Evohome is a zoned heating controller (you can make each room have different temps at different times of the day/week). Lyric 6 is a single controller for your whole heating system. A bit like having one light switch for all of the lights in your house.

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Ah - I thought the Lyric 6 was the “box” to configure the Evohome system with. Thought it looked nice but from what you are saying - I probably don’t need one then?

Nope. Two completely separate product lines.

OK great that you clarified that and to connect to a ST hub I need EvoHome and if I buy one now it will work when ST finally officially releases this? I can upgrade the EvoHome system to talk to ST?

There’s already a third party integration that works well. The ‘official’ one has been coming soon for months now. I think it has stalled.

To discover what you’ll need to buy use the system builder: http://sb.evohome.honeywell.com/

You don’t need to buy anything else for the ST integration.