Which door sensor with motion sensor?

Hi all
Please help me suggest which door sensor (open / Close) to select which ALSO has motion sensor.

I have been looking at the Philio Multi Sensor PST02-A, which could be an option, but I find very little of this specific model in the community. I find more info about the “B”-model which does NOT include motion.
But the motion-functionallity is rather important for me to work.

Hope for great suggestions :slight_smile:

Question is, why do you need both in one device? Cost?

Primary not to have 2 devices in same room.
Instead of having a door sensor on the door, AND a motion sensor in a top corner in the room, the one device can do both.
Hope you follow me :slight_smile:

A well-placed motion sensor could work standalone in this situation. If you get a 360 degree enerwave ceiling one, it can see every direction, including coming in from the door.

I think I paid about $30 for mine and I love it.

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Thank you for the suggestion. Perhaps I can use it another place in my house.
But here, in my hall, I need both functionalities. Motion sensor to activate lights. Door open/close sensor to play a sound when front door i opened, and warn me if front door i left unopen. The motion sensor cannot do that last 2 things, as the hall functions as a go-through room into other rooms. So I need to separate those 2 sensors.

Depending how you want to trigger your light, you can configure door sensor to activate lights as well, but if you want it to trigger by motion, I’m not sure if there is any reasonable price sensor that come with both capability