Which devices are using custom device type?

Is there a way to see which device is using a custom device type?

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If the reason you want to know is because you want to know which device types are eligible to run locally on your account, the community-created wiki has the link for checking that:


As far as checking which device types are being used, you can see that in the IDE, but I don’t think there’s anything that specifically marks them as custom.


Thanks @JDRoberts I have two devices in “My Device Types” that I believe I put in place a while back but would rather use official device types. I do have devices using these as I’ve tried to delete but get an error saying they’re in use.

@3one5, in the IDE within My Devices you can sort by the “Type” column. Depending upon how you named the custom device type, you’ll be able to easily find them. I put the word “My” in front of mine so they all sort together:


Thanks @johnconstantelo! That did it. I changed the name so I could find them easier. Looks like these are part of the Ecobee integration.