Where's the STHM event log in the new ST app?

I migrated to the new ST app about a month ago and since then we’ve had maybe 6-7 false positive alarms with the new SmartThings Home Monitor, because for whatever reason the alarm was not disengaged when we arrived home or somehow it became engaged while we stayed home. Considering we have a pretty loud siren you can imagine that this is not nice at all.

With the old ST app we had some of these events but quite rarely, and they all could be traced back to one of our phones acting as presence sensors not updating on time. However with the new app I cannot for the life of me figure out what and why is happening. As far as I can tell there’s no longer an event log where I can see when and why the alarm is armed and disarmed. The Messages view only shows a list of the routines that have been executed at a certain time, but this alone is not enough. It doesn’t show why the routine fired (eg. who arrived, who left, did the STHM change its status correctly, etc). Am I missing something of is this very useful troubleshooting info now entirely unavailable for us?

Another false alarm just occurred again before posting this: we were both at home, and have been since yesterday. Someone rang the bell, we opened the door and the siren sounded. There’s no record of my phone leaving the house at all, nor any message indicating that the STHM had become armed. It just happened for no reason and silently.

All in all this is really disappointing. I waited a long time in the hopes that the app would mature enough but now I wish I hadn’t pull the trigger on the migration because the new app is clearly still worse than the old one IMO. And don’t get me started on the whole silliness of the new app not showing the phone’s presence status… :unamused:

There’s a couple things i’d look at it:

  1. From the upper left hamburger menu, choose History. When this page works (this is key), this will show device events and Automations that run. If you have a lot of devices, you can filter this log from the upper right menu.
  2. Within the SmartThings Home Monitor app their is a history tab. This will show what device triggered the Alarm event.

In the app’s History menu I can see events for all my sensors but nothing for STHM itself. It does show when the routines like good morning and good night executed, but not when the alarm’s status changed. And the STHM app’s own history only shows the last intrusion detected event from an hour ago, nothing else.

So why did STHM went from Disarmed to Armed (away) today at some point in the last few hours? God knows… it seems impossible to tell from my side.

In the History menu you should set an entry for the automation that set STHM to armed.

In the History menu you should set an entry for the automation that set STHM to armed.

Nope. The last automation that ran was the ‘Good Morning’ one at 7am, and that’s meant to change the alarm from Armed (stay) to Disarmed. And it did, because my gf left the house at noon and the alarm didn’t trigger. It was at some point in between her returning and someone ringing the bell that the STHM became armed, and it definitely wasn’t caused by an automation.

Do you have any devices that still have the classic app installed?

STHM in the new app and SHM in the classic app are different code with somewhat different features. It’s not likely that something from the classic app is Arming STHM. But if someone is trying to disarm the system using the classic app, that will not disarm STHM. So some community members have run into that as an issue while they were still using both apps.

We do have the old app still on both phones, in fact my gf’s account has not been migrated yet, but she never touches it, it’s only for presence detection. On my phone I keep both apps installed, just in case the new one blows over or something, and to check the presence status (though I’m setting up virtual presence sensors to work around this silly limitation).

I have a feeling your gf not migrating and/or you having both apps is causing the issue. Is SHM deleted from the Classic app? If you login to the IDE, do you see multiple mobile presence devices with the same name?

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No, there are no duplicated mobile presence devices. If remember correctly I dealt with those right after the migration.

Anyway, I now have a potential explanation about what might have happened earlier today: there’s a chance that our baby daughter, who was seen ‘playing’ with my gf’s unlocked iPhone for a moment, may have inadvertently managed to launch the ST app and change the STHM status to Armed. I have no evidence of it but it’s the only explanation I can think of.

My point still stands anyway: if we had a proper STHM event log in the new ST app as we had in the old one then I could have known at least when the status changed and then make a good guess based on that information.