Where to find latest harmony hub integration info?

Looking for the latest harmony hub device handlers? I’d like to integrate my harmony hub so when I click watch movie if the time is between sunrise and sunset my curtains close. I found some old info on harmony hub integration. Is there any new info? I haven’t been able to get this to work.

found it…its part of apps in the marketplace. Got it to work although its a little slow for my webcore app to pick up that watch movie activity was clicked on before it starts shutting off light and closing the curtain. I think it might be livable though unless anyone knows a better way.

Better way. Instant status updates for Harmony activity switches in ST

Awesome thanks…I actually figured that out on my own after asking the question and it works great. I’d say the only downside is those events get added to logitech switches so that an all off/on would activate them.

This removes the ability to shut all switches on/off from the remote with one click. Not a big deal since I dont really use the remote for that anyway. That is what Alexa is for.