Where to find information on how to integrate 3rd party devices?

(Nana) #1


I am currently working on a device that would fit quiet nicely into the Smart Things Cloud and would like to get some more details on your plans for integrating 3rd party hardware (sensors/actors). Do you have some highlevel architecture information and/or some sort of description on your plans for integrating devices into your cloud?

(Ben Edwards) #2

Hi Nana,

Thanks for your interest. We would love to hear more about what you’re creating. We are rolling out additional information regarding this type of integration effort soon. For now, the best place to check is this page: Enabling the Community with SmartThings Technology - specifically the ThingModule section. Let us know what you come up with and any additional questions that arrise!


(Gaston Farias Bouvier) #3

Where can I find the Maker Portal? I ve built and Arduino based ON OFF switch with a RGB light indicator and would like to test it…