Where to find 2015 ST Motion Sensors

I have many 2015 Smartthings motikn senslrs and they are pretty good.
Just received a 2016 sensor; it looks different (ugly clear sensor) and the detection is horrible. Returning it now but where can I find the older 2015 variation of the sensor?

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I believe they were just custom branded CentraLite sensors, which you might also find under the PEQ brand (and maybe a few others).

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My current ones seem to be ok at detecting and have much better battery life plus temp which is a good bonus. I do miss the original ones though as I have 3 of them permanently plugged in so I get a repeater and never have to change the batteries!

Are you saying that you are using a SmartThings motion sensor that you modified to be permanently plugged in?

No I use 3 of the old style, they have a USB plug for power on the side.

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Still can’t find any of these. Crazy…