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Sorry if I wasn’t clear. SmartThings supports both zwave and Zigbee, so the aeon labs and Fibaro sensors both work with SmartThings as the hub. You’d just have to check and see which batteries each model uses.

Do they work out of the box, or do I need to get a device handler written?

When I say written, I obviously mean copied and pasted.

They are both very popular in the community and there are several device handlers already written for them. I honestly don’t remember if they are officially supported or not, you’d have to check the compatibility list.

You can use the quick browse lists from the community created wiki to quickly find the community-created device handlers:


OK, I just checked, both the Aeon multisensor and the Fibaro motion sensor are on the official UK compatibility list, although you might still prefer one of the community created device handlers as they have more features:

Also, as I’m thinking about it, Fibaro recently changed their firmware and I’m not sure the official device handler works with it anymore. But there’s definitely a community-created one that does.

And I know you already know this, but just for others following the thread, in order to use a community created device type handler you do have to use the copy and paste method described here:

I have just got the latest Fibaro Motion Sensor. It’s V3.2.
It does work ‘out of the box’ but if you want to change the parameters from default it can get a bit messy but it is ‘doable’.
See this thread and post 109 which is the method I used to edit the parameters from default.


Personally I prefer these to the ST motion sensors. The have temp, lux and motion incorporated which gives greater diversity for rules you may use it for.
I have not had these lock up whereas my ST ones do lock up occassionally.

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The motion sensor is currently showing as available to order online and collect in store on the Currys site, so you should be able to get hold of one through them.

I was in my local Currys at the weekend and they had a few ST bits in stock. They’re also pushing a number of other systems, but still had a display dedicated to ST.

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When I came out of the store, I tried to order on line, and it said it wasn’t possible. I then tried click and collect, and the nearest store that had one to reserve is a trek and a half.

I will look at the sensors above - I’ve got to admit, I like the idea of my lights being lux based rather than tied to sunrise and sunset.

While we’re on the subject, is there such a thing as a weather resistant pir that any of you know of? I’d like to put a sensor on the inside lid of my garden storage box to alert if anyone should open it when the system is armed.

How cold are your winters? If it’s inside a box, that should be sheltered enough from the rain for most sensors. But very cold or very hot weather can play havoc with battery-operated devices.

Many people use sensors to notify them when their post box has been opened, and all of the same issues would likely apply to your storage bin.

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I’ve had an ST motion sensor inside a metal post box in the UK. Lowest temp of -3c and highest of 34c inside the box in the sun. Zero issues so far and no battery issues either for last 8 months.


Aeon and fibaro work out of the box. I’ll do some leg work on availability for first party devices and update when I know more.

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PC World have found two for me @Aaron - Just means a bit of a journey to a hick-town store.

@JDRoberts, Thanks for the assist - I’ll possibly have to put a smart plug towards the rear of the house to boost the range, but it sounds like a go. It’s the rain that bothers me rather than the temperature - Guess it will be ok sticky fastened on to the lid.

Can’t you just but from Samsung direct? I bought most of my ST kit from them rather than PCWorld.

Out of stock Wayne… Second place I looked :’(

Update: Nothing is being discontinued. We are working with Currys and Samsung.com to get more inventory in the right places. The best option right now is Currys.co.uk

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@Aaron if you want to get more inventory in the right places you’d be better off not working with Currys :stuck_out_tongue:

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How much longer is the tie-in between Britain’s most annoying electronics retailer and South Korea’s most frustrating home automation product before it gets released and can actually become competitive?

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The sad thing is there are so few other retailers that could offer an alternative. Currys is about the only mainstream electrical retailer with a presence in most towns.

Maplins don’t get the same visitors, because they’re probably perceived as bit technical and niche. Argos, maybe, but they don’t have much stuff on display.

The other thing is that all of these stores carry so little stock of anything you’re often having to order for collection, at which point you might as well buy online.

There is Euronics - people forget about them a lot of the time, but they tend to have a service level above Currys - and then there’s the true independents - We have a couple of smart home specialists popping up round here now although I doubt they’d touch ST. Up until the last month or two, DSG have always had the right things in stock, so it’s not hard to keep these items in store, so somewhere like Argos who stock bulkier items that are much lower price wouldn’t have too much of a struggle.

I do think that the biggest mistake Smartthings made was using Currys/PCW/DSG as their distro channel. As I said in the beginning - if I had the bugs I initially had on the system on a product I’d purchased from Maplins, I would have half expected it… they would have sold it to the people who are happy purchasing a zero day product and don’t mind there being teething issues… By selling it via the DSG channel though, they sold it to consumers - Consumers don’t care if it’s a new product or an old product… they want it to work seamlessly, they don’t want to log in to web based developer consoles to do something as simple as reboot it, or to have to manually unlink six light bulbs from every routine they appear in and every smart app that uses them because ST has failed to find a new light bulb you’ve added to the system.

Anyway… massive digression. I just hope that when Samsung do eventually abandon ship they make the server side platform open-source so it doesn’t have to die.

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