Where to buy SmartThings hub V2 (for use in Israel)

I wanted to buy the latest hub so I though to buy SmartThings hub V2.

However I can’t find many of them, and the one I do are very pricey: £189.99 on Amazon UK.

Is there a problem with V2 ?

If all is OK, where I can buy it in reasonable price.

I’m located in Israel so I need one with 240V adapter.

Thanks, Nadav

eBay.co.uk has them but I don’t know whether the sellers will send to Israel.
You could ask them.

It sounds like you may be trying to buy a US hub through a U.K. distributor.

The mass-market (as opposed to kick starter) UK version of the hub was released at the same time as the V2 US version was released. But the UK version was not called either V1 or V2: it was just called the UK version.

That version is widely available for about £99 at curry’s and from third-party sellers on Amazon.

The only ones I see marked “V2” are actually US versions of the hub.

The differences are not in the power supply, however. Rather, it’s in the Z wave frequency that is being used. Those frequencies are different for different regions, primarily because they can conflict with mobile phone frequencies which are different in different regions.


I know the frequency which is assigned to Israel is different than the one assigned to either the UK or US. In some countries it is illegal to operate devices on the other region’s frequencies: I don’t know if that is true in Israel or not.

You cannot change the frequency of a hub after it is manufactured, mostly because of this legality issue.

And any devices you use must match the frequency of the hub exactly.

So you do need to decide which Z wave frequency you want your hub to have. It would make sense if you chose the UK/Europe frequency because then all of the end devices would be using the right voltage. Again, though, I just don’t know if that zwave frequency is legal to operate in Israel.

But if you do want a UK hub, you don’t need to be looking for a “V2” UK hub-- they haven’t made one of those yet. Just the original mass-market UK hub.

Just wonder - were you able to use the UK Hub in Israel and is it working OK ?
Looking to do the same, but wish to learn from your experience.

Hi juval.
Its working fine as it has 240V adapter.

The most important thing is that ALL other devices must be in the same frequency as the hub

Thank you Nadav,
Currently I have my full installation (here in the US), based on the US Samsung Hub 2 version and compatible components I have purchased here.

As I’m looking to build an environment for my daughter in Israel, I assume you have purchased the rest of the components also from the UK (i.e. sensors, switches, etc). Am I right ? does the UK light switch fit the Israeli standard ? any other z-wave / Zigbee compatible components that will work and are not from the UK ? Maybe with modified device handler ?

Best Regards,