Where is the MimoLite Garage Door Controller device code?

Does anyone have the actual device code for the MimoLite Garage Door Controller?

If I go to the IDE and add a device by selecting “from Template” and then select “MimoLite Garage Door Controller” the code doesn’t load or show up like other devices.

I was hoping to make changes to how this works for my case as I want it to control a gate. So I was hoping to change the icons and wording and the other memolite code i’ve found in the forums didn’t work as well.

Hopefully someone else has access to it?
Thanks in advance!

All code that is “public” can be found in the SmartThings Public GitHub.

You can search the entire Repo by various keywords like “MimoLite”.
If it’s not there, then it very likely is proprietary / closed-source.


Thanks! I did not know that.


Hi @techoguy, I prefer mine… :wink:

Same code base, but just visually better IMHO:


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I’m actually using this for a driveway gate. So I’m changing the functionality a little bit as well as changing the icons.

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Hi @johnconstantelo, I can’t get this working in Actiontiles using the Garage Door Control Tile. All I’m getting is a tile with a question mark (?) and I can’t control the device - would you know what the issue is?

Hi @jondave, does it look ok in the ST mobile app?

Yes the device itself is working, it’s in ActionTiles where the issue is.

According to the ActionTiles FAQ, the DTH is not reporting an on/off CurrentState. Can you confirm this?

Ah, okay. Do this:

If you’re using the latest release, change line 89:

From this: main ([“contact”])

to this: main ([“switch”])

I made that change because of some other pending changes going on, but I can change it back if those don’t pan out.

Also, was it working before with ActionTiles?

Thanks John - I don’t have that at line 89 though, maybe I’m not on your latest release? I’m on 4.1 and that’s the only one I can find in GH.

I never got this working with ActionTiles - this new version implemented a Garage Door control tile (which was not in the previous SmartTiles) which isn’t working for your DTH.

Hi @jondave, just to be safe please update your code with this:


I took v4.1 out of the comments because versioning is challenging, so use the last updated date to reference the most current release. It should be 05-19-2017.

I updated my code to match ST’s, which included switch states on and off. This version should work with ActionTiles, so if it doesn’t please let me know.

Thanks John for the help, though I still can’t get it working.

For your reference my GD00Z Garage Door is working in ActionTiles using this handler (https://github.com/gouldner/SmartThingsPublic/blob/master/devicetypes/gouldner/rg-linear-gd00z-garage-door-opener.src/rg-linear-gd00z-garage-door-opener.groovy) - maybe you can compare the how the reporting on this one differs from yours?

Hi @jondave, there are some differences that I can change (and I will), but the on/off current state should be for a switch capability, which is part of my DTH.

My code is based off of ST’s for the Mimolite garage door DTH:


@tgauchat, what’s needed in either ST’s or my code to work with ActionTiles? Please reference ST’s code linked in this post.

Hi @jondave,

This was easier than I thought. Give this version a try. I think I know why mine wasn’t working, which was because of how ST used “switch” in their original DTH. I was easily able to change mine, and it should now work for you in ActionTiles.

Please let me know?


Fantastic, it works!

Thanks for the great work @johnconstantelo

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Please add the “tagging” Capabilities…

capability "Actuator"
capability "Sensor"

Yup those are there already in mine (but not ST’s), thanks @tgauchat. ST should update their DTH’s some day… (cough yeah…) It turned out that the way ST was using “switch” to be more than just on/off (they included doorClosed/doorOpen) was the culprit. I cleaned that up and we’re good.

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ActionTiles supports opening, open, closing, closed for Capability Garage Door… I think.

Hi @johnconstantelo, I am using this DTH for my gate.

This was easier than I thought. Give this version a try. I think I know why mine wasn’t working, which was because of how ST used “switch” in their original DTH. I was easily able to change mine, and it should now work for you in ActionTiles.

Please let me know?


Is it possible to modify the main screen to be able to tap open or close, without having to go down into the device itself?