Where is the device?

Have added around 70 devices to my Hub (v3), some devices have been difficult to add and I had to add, remove and add again. But have always received a successful message on both adding and removing.

But now when I look through the Hub Event list (in the ‘development tools’) I see several of these:
zw device: 2C, command: 2003, payload: 00

The event is logged approximately every 15 minute.

But if I then go to the device list to find what device are responsible for this reporting I can’t find a device with id 2C. There is 29, 2A, 2B, 2D, 2E etc. etc. But no device has the id 2C.

What could have happen and how can this be fixed (difficult to remove a device that isn’t in the device list)

Do you get the same list under both ‘My Devices’ and the ‘devices’ link in ‘My Locations’? I can’t see why you shouldn’t but surely it must be out there somewhere.

Is it actually a device reporting or could you be seeing the hub sending a command to the device? Just wondered if there could be a rogue SmartApp out there that is sending an off command to a non-existent switch every fifteen minutes for some reason.

Yes, the same devices are listed on both places, but none have a 2C id in the list.

Looking at ‘Events’ under ‘Location’ and in the ‘Displayed Text’ column:

  • the events from 2C are displayed as: “zw device: 2C, command: 2003, payload 0”
  • but for all other devices it doesn’t state the device ID but instead uses the device name, as an example: “Gillestugan TV energy is 0.47 kWh”

Sorry, was updating my previous post simultaneously. Are you sure it is coming FROM the device and not a command being sent TO it? I’m just wondering if the device was removed and a running SmartApp hasn’t noticed and is forever sending an off command to it (I think that’s what the command means).

Have not gotten that far with my move from a Fibaro HC2 to SmartThing Hub, so far only adding devices to the SmartThing Hub, have not created any rules yet.

So it can’t be a SmartApp/Rule/Automation generating this.

Fair enough, I suspect if I spoke Z-Wave I’d recognise that as a report and not a command and would realise I was talking nonsense.

Looking at it another way, there seems to be a real device out there that was paired with the hub at some stage (and the Z-Wave IDs are assigned consecutively, so it would have been paired between 2B and 2D) and something in SmartThings is still hanging on to it (Device Health perhaps?). Do you have a device unaccounted for?

I am wondering what would happen if you went into the developer tools and created a new device with a device ID of 2C, say with the type ‘Z-Wave Switch’. That might perhaps let SmartThings control whatever it is.

^^ If not then try a Z-Wave Repair. If so then there you go.

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this is most likely from a device that is reporting but was removed from the hub without being excluded (device still thinks it is part of the network).

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Issue solved!

Added a device in ‘developer tools’, a general z-wave switch with ID 2C. Accessed the device through the App to ensure that I could see it and then removed it in ‘developer tools’.

After this the strange reporting have stopped.

Thanks for your help and suggestions.

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It may come back. You’re a victim of ghost devices in ST. There are a few posts about this phenomenon in the Community. I have several ghosts, and sometimes your method works (including a zwave repair), and sometimes no. Even ST support can’t resolve. I’ve opened up many tickets on this issue over the years.

This problem has been going on forever. The only way I’ve not had ghost devices was when I had a clean build of an ST environment, and then as soon as I had device exclusion issues my ghosts came back.

Maybe with ST improving some of the back end zwave utilities they can use, we could see these fixed one day.