Where is the control logic for schedules stored? Phone, cloud, or hub?


Just bought a smartthings hub and am wondering where is the logic \ trigger is stored for scheduled operations and I know it may very based on the operation. Say I setup a simple schedule to turn on the outside lights every night. Does that command to turn on the lights get sent from my phone every night or is the logic trigger stored on the cloud or the hub? If it is done from my phone can it all be offloaded to be controlled from the cloud?

(John S) #2

Version 1 (the one you have) is all cloud. The hub pretty much just bridges the devices in your home to the cloud. The V2 hub (due out sometime soonish?) would do some of these things on the hub. Your phone is only an interface and presence device.

(Keith Croshaw) #3

ze cloud ze cloud! Hub V1 is just radios.