Where is LAN Hue Extended Color Device Handler?


(Wanho Im) #1

Hello! I am finding LAN Hue Extended Color Device Handler

Now, I have set up philips hue lamp and Hue Bridge.

I wanted to control hue lamp when a temperature is over some degrees.

So, I used Hue bulb template but it did not work. I realized hub bulb template is different from LAN Extended Color.


(Wanho Im) #2

I solved this problem myself. I developed SmartApp using Philpse API and hubaction. So I can control my Hue bulb.

(Tam Tran) #3

Could you please share your work?

(Wanho Im) #4

Hi @tamttt

refer to this repository.

(Tam Tran) #5

Thanks very for your work