Where does the Weather > Humidity data come from?


I created a new Automation in the new app to control an outlet in my basement that has a window fan plugged in. Under “If” I can select Weather > Humidity and Equal or Below 60%. Under “Then” I can select my outlet and set it to turn on. Note that there is an option to enable “Turn on or turn off”, but if I enable this, the On and Off selections are greyed out. So, I have this not enabled, and I have On selected. Of course, the outlet never turns on, no matter how dry a day it is.

So, my questions :

  • Since I do not have a humidity sensor, where does the Humidity data come from ? It looks like it could be the Weather Channel since there is a little logo in grey at the bottom of the screen, and there is a Geolocation line of text which identifies my house.
  • If the humidity is being properly pulled from the Weather Channel, and it is actually lower than the threshold, how do I get the outlet to turn on ? (note that I have a separate automation which will turn this off at night regardless).


  • john

You need something that detects humidity to be accurate.

Get a humidity sensor for your basement and trigger off of it instead. I bought an Iris iL07_1 off eBay for $10. As a bonus, it also does motion and temperature. It has been very reliable. I use it mainly to trigger my furnace humidifier in the winter when it gets too dry in the house.

I want the fan to come on when it is dry outside, not necessarily moist inside. So, I thought that since the app gives you the option of selecting Weather > Humidity that it was pulling humidity info from a weather service like the Weather Channel because the Weather Channel is actually identified in the lower right corner of the screen when you select Weather.

  • john

It’ll come from The Weather Company in some way. Whether or not it is specifically The Weather Channel or that is just the branding they wanted in this instance, I wouldn’t know.

As well as the logo, there is a weather symbol and the temperature displayed under the Location name on your dashboard. You might just see the STHM status at the top of the screen but you can swipe that to see the other card. The weather links a page on The Weather Channel website.

It isn’t clear when and where the observations were taken so they could be useless to you.

It has been suggested the feed updates every twenty minutes which makes it likely that the automations potentially run at those times but it really isn’t clear how the comparisons work. I test for temperature above a certain value and the automation certainly doesn’t run its actions every twenty minutes or when there is a change. It feels more like the actions only run the first time the conditions are met.

The Weather Company, The Weather Channel, Weather Underground. All the same, owned by IBM, it is the commercial business.

Again, regardless where the data comes from or how often it is updated, it is not clear how to get the outlet to turn on. I guess my point is that it looks like there is a bug in the app.

I encourage someone else to check it out and report their experience. Just create a new Automation :

  • If > Weather > Weather/Temperature/Humidity, set your threshold like Temperature >= 60’F
  • Then > Control Devices > Outlet/Light, etc, Turn On/Turn Off
  • Save

It will never trigger the device action. My question is on that last page. You have 2 different selections which appear to enable the change of state :

  • “Turn on or turn off” enable/disable slider
  • “On” and “Off” radio buttons

If you leave the “Turn on or turn off” slider disabled, then you can select one of the “On” or “Off” radio buttons. But, if you enable the “Turn on or turn off” slider, then you cannot select either the “On” or “Off” radio button. It just seems that the mechanism for actually performing the action (i.e. “On” or “Off”) may be reliant on the “Turn on or turn off” slider being enabled, but enabling it will disable the ability to select either of the “On” or “Off” radio buttons. So, broken.

  • john

I jsut tried setting an automation based on humidity dropping below a value. Based on The Weather Channel app this threshold was broken after I created the automation, yet it didn’t run. I’d say its a bug. I’ll report it through the app and you should do the same.

edit: hold up. it just ran. guess it does work :man_shrugging:

Yep, I think mine is working also. I guess it was the delay between the actual weather and the reporting from the weather channel, and the weather fluctuating on the day that I picked to check it. Maybe just a sampling problem.

However, that first selection of “Turn on or turn off” still confuses me. Is this a toggle, like if it is on then turn it off and if it is off then turn it on ? As mentioned previously, enabling this will grey out the individual “Turn on” and “Turn off” selections, so maybe the toggle idea makes sense.

  • john

yeah, “turn on or turn off” is a poorly worded phrase for toggle.