Where does httpGet originate?

I’m working on a Device Type that will allow me to control a restful media player, but it doesn’t appear to be hitting the service. It’s on the same LAN as my hub, and I’ve tried both my internal IP address and external (with port forwarding on).

httpGet("", successClosure)
httpGet("http://EXTERNAL_IP:5051/play", successClosure)

Neither attempt hits my server. I know the port forwarding is working because I can curl from computers outside of the network.

Do httpGet requests originate from ST servers somewhere else?

They get processed by the cloud, if you want to do local requests, you will need to use the hubaction function…

Perfect, thanks!

I guess as a slight follow-up, any idea why this tile wouldn’t be firing nextTrack()?

standardTile("next", "device.next", inactiveLabel: false, decoration: "flat") {
    state "default", action:"nextTrack", icon:"st.sonos.next-btn"

without knowing the whole code, no idea. depends on the options selected, as nextTrack maybe a core function for media players?

Would need to see whole code to figure out why.

Try changing the name to something else and see if you can get it to fire that way.

Ended up getting it working after guessing a few things:
Gist here

Is there really no clean documentation on all available tiles and capabilities?

nope, not really, trial and error. Docs are promised, but really the examples from the community are well beyond the docs.

What we really need is CoreAPI access, then we could write actual interfaces…

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