Where can I download a native Device Handler?

I need to download a native device Handler so I can modify it to show power. It is the one for the iHome iPS-8 Plug?

Thanks, that is where I went, but the iHome IPS-8 isn’t there.

If there isn’t a specific handler for it, then it is using a best match generic one. Go into the IDE and look at your device. The “Type” will be the handler it is using. Then you can grab that one from the link above and modify it accordingly.

I did that and it says IPS-8 so somewhere is the handler, but not on that list.

That’s a Wi-Fi device and I think it’s using a cloud to cloud integration. Like Sonos, Hue, and harmony, it’s a special custom integration that smartthings built. I don’t believe those are publicly available.

OK that is a shame as this plug is a power plug, but ST does not show the power, so I wanted to add the ability.