Where are these lock notifications coming from?!

I’ve used SmartThings for just over a year, but this month we bought a home and I dug in deep to customize things exactly as we want them. Reading through this community has been a bit help.

The issue is I can’t find anything on however, is a problem with door unlock notifications - I can’t turn them off. I thought they were set via Smart Home Monitor, and sure enough, when I went in I had a notification set up. I’ve since deleted the custom rule, and now there is nothing left in Smart Home Monitor, yet anytime we unlock the deadbolt, we get a notification telling us that the door was unlocked, and which code was used. To make it more fun, I get it twice - once for each SmartThings app.

I don’t have them set through SharpTools, and am not even sure where else to look. Any idea where else they might be coming from?

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If it is coming from both apps, it is probably a SmartApp.

In the classic ST app, you can go to the device page and check the SmartApps tab to see what is referencing the device, which might help you track this down.

The only SmartApp listed on the device page is SharpTools, and I just checked again and confirmed there are zero alerts triggered in any SharpTools rule. In fact, only two rules apply - one locking the door, and the other turning on lights when the door is unlocked.

I am pretty sure that both the SmartThings apps gave alerts when I first started and set up the rule (which I’ve since deleted) in Smart Home Monitor.

Smart Lock Guest access in the new app, and Smart Locks in the Classic app, send those notifications.


I’m assuming you’re using the Guest Smart Locks smartapp that comes with SmartThings. That smartapp sends the notification (if you’re installed the Classic and new mobile app, you’ll get 2 notification, one from each installed mobile app - the SmartApp sends one notification but each mobile app delivers it).

Unfortunately there’s no way to turn it off. If you have access to RBoyApps, check out the LUM app which allows you to customization notifications for each user / lock etc: [OBSOLETE] Lock User Management (LUM)

If you want only one notification, then turn off notification in your mobile settings for the second ST app.

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Got it. I just removed the SmartApp and will look into the other app now. Thanks a bunch, I just figured that SmartApp wasn’t triggering it since there was no notification setting within there. Much appreciated.