Where are location mode events captured?

I’m trying to troubleshoot a problem where ST recognizes a presence change but the location mode doesn’t change accordingly. In order to identify the issue, I need to review location mode events in the IDE and correlate them to presence changes. I can see presence changes when I look at Home (Location) Events but don’t see any events that capture changes in location mode. Does anyone know where location mode changes/events are captured?

Longer version: ST accurately sees my phone come and go and fires routines that should change the location mode. The requests to change the location mode, while successfully executed, are being ignored by ST. I want to know where location mode changes are logged so I can see if an error is being generated or if ST isn’t seeing (or is ignoring) the location mode change request.



So do this.

  1. Create a quick Routine in SmartThings that does nothing more than change the Mode to something else other than what your Mode is right now.

  2. Go into IDE and turn in Logging

  3. go back to Routines in ST and execute the Routine.

  4. Go Back to IDE and select that Routine from the list of logs. That’s where it is recorded.

  5. See if your Mode Changes in the App as well just from this single task Routine. If it does you have other issues.

That screenshot I was already in home mode so it didn’t do anything. I changed the routine to change to Night Mode instead and it logged this:

@WB70, thanks for your response. I have a bunch of manual routines I use to set location mode and see them execute when I select them. I was hoping there was a way to see previous location mode changes, similar to the way you can select a device and use the Recently tab to see historical events. Do you know if you can do that with location mode events? That would allow me to review the logs for the last few days and correlate previous presence changes to the location mode changes that should have happened but didn’t.

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I was writing up something different when I came across it.

Just go to Locations and select Notifications. The From and To Mode is stored there. That’s as close as you are going to get.

You can also see your Routines that ran under Events with a type of LOCATION API / routine executed.

Additionally, you don’t even need to open each Notification to see the mode. Either from a desktop or rotate your phone in landscape mode and you can actually see the Text column in IDE for all the Modes to the far right (like below):

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