Where are all the V2 Excitement Posts?

I get the excitement with new features etc, but I feel like ST has lost sight of one very important factor.
The basics have to work well too.

I’d be pretty excited if my car was recalled, and the dealer installed heated and cooled leather seats, a sunroof, etc. for no charge. That would change in a hurry if the thing no longer ran reliably.

That’s how I currently feel about ST.

I knew getting into this that it was an evolving open source system that will need tinkering from time to time. This is getting a bit ridiculous though.


i wouldn’t characterize ST as open source

Pick your own word for it then.
I’m here because I have some slight hope that ST might take a break from spending Samsung’s money long enough to listen to us.

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I have 3 phones hooked up as presence sensors

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I tried that too. It just does not work correctly. We need to be able to add accounts so each phone can be identified correctly. Right now if any of the three phone leaves the house, things that should happen only when my phone leaves the house, happen at random. Not reliable at all. Support is aware of this and they are working on it.

So this issue with lights not being set to the desired dim percentage is still not fixed. Getting really frustrating at this point. I have discovered something about this, though: the problem only seems to happen when setting up rules based on motion sensors. If you have routines or Smart Lighting rules set up based on timing or other switches, the lights correctly dim to the right percentages.

I did figure out a ridiculous workaround last night if you’re really desperate to have this functionality. Basically you can have a motion sensor rule via Smart Lighting that turns on a virtual switch that triggers a routine that sets the light to the desired %.

Details here: V2 Issue with "turn on and set level" not actually setting dim level (crazy workaround inside!)

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I found that if it is a cloud based smartapp then the dim level is correct, if it is local then the dim level command is not set. So for my smartapps with Hue lights in them a dim level command is sent as it happens through the cloud, but for smartapps with just plain GE dimmers no dim level command is sent as it is local. My workaround for most of my lighting apps is to include a Hue light in the smartapp, but this is really not a good workaround.

The last week or so I’ve noticed that lights are no longer turning off as scheduled also, and the last couple of days my door locks are no longer locking as scheduled.

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V2 is a complete trainwreck. I had some bumps right out of the gate with lost functionality going from v1 to v2. But I was able to workaround (namely the broken dim function that they still haven’t fixed.) But since then, it has gotten worse. They keep doing updates that break functionality. My motion sensors quit working and my schedules stopped after the last update. Their response was to reinstall everything. Oh fun. But now I can’t even add any new devices. I bought 5 Ecolink Switches before the upgrade. I added 4 of them no problems before their latest update. Went to add the 5th after their last upgrade, and can’t. Thought it was the switch, so had it replaced, but same problem with another. Searched the forum, and it’s a known problem. Fun stuff. I am ready to jump and looking for options. I’m tired of the madness. I didn’t sign up to be an alpha tester.


There isn’t many good options at the moment, unfortunately. However, I think the playing field will look much better a year from now. I expect both Apple and Google, and possibly Amazon, to have viable alternatives. Also, I’ll venture to say that if SmartThings don’t get their act together, they’ll probably be axed by Samsung by the end of next year.


That will come when ST arrives fully at retail stores, people start buying and then massive returns happen. Kind of what happened to Wink. Right now, it is only good for HA enthusiasts, and I would even venture as far to say it is a platform for coders.


The good news is, the HA market seem to have settled down on the price of the hub between $49 and $99. Most hubs on the market fall within this price range - Vera Edge, Wink, Staples Connect, Lowes Iris, etc. At this price point, switching from one system to another is not a big expense, considering that combined price of connected devices far outweighs the price of the hub. It’s a hassle to switch the hubs, but most of us here have already done it at least once. :smile:

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It’s in my local Best Buy. I grabbed several sensors.

Yep. It’s on their website too, and so far has a single 1-star review. Not a good start.

Well, my V2 experience has been far superior to my experience with V1. I think it’s worth the $99.

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For a “significantly automated home” it is a huge hassle to change vendors… The time involved in picking and configuring SmartApps or rules, macros, scenes… Many hours of valuable consumer time that far exceeds the cost of Devices.


It’s surely time-consuming, but you don’t have to pay for it since you do it on your own free time. Sort of like doing your own laundry. :smile:

Some of us do have to pay for it in terms of paid assistant time that would otherwise be used for other things. Just sayin '… :wink:

The truth is the 10 bucks a month that Iris charges would be well worth it to me for a stable reliable system. It has almost all the devices that I want. Just the time my aides take to do cut-and-paste, reset, and take batteries out and put them back in costs me more than $10 a month to keep SmartThings going. But Iris doesn’t have any voice options that would work for me, so that’s out.

(BTW, there are a lot of complaints from Iris customers right now about their migration to their new system, but if you look close, almost all of them are because they don’t know they have to exclude those their Zwave devices from their previous hub before they can add them to their new hub. So it looks like more of a migration process education issue then a technical one.)


Yes, I understand. For that matter, there’s no such thing as “free time” for anyone and I’d rather spend it on something else. Still, switching from one HA to another is not terribly expensive or difficult. It’s not like moving, for example, and I know many people move every couple of years or so.

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I’m curious… How many (if any?) users who were previous v1 hub owners that migrated to the v2 hub, have now regressed back to the v1 hub? If so, what drove you back to the v1 hub?

It’s been a while since I got my first ST hub (V2), so this is an update.

I’ve had the app crash several times, I’ve had certain automatic events not trigger properly, I’ve not been able to achieve certain things, I’ve had motion sensor activated lights not set the dim level correctly, I can’t create multiple users etc etc etc…

…I still freaking love this thing, I’m still SO GLAD I switched from Wink to ST.