Where ar3 the smart apps in the new app

Hi, I can’t find the enhanced lock control in the new app. Actually I can’t find any smart apps in the new app except of the smart monitor and app to control washer that I don’t need.

Enable developer mode in the app… if you are looking for custom smartapps

Depending on what region you are in, some apps may be region locked and not available

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Thank for the reply, I did but when I go to about Smartthings on settings I see a white page with the version and nothing change when I press.

Did you login to the developer site?
And are you pressing without releasing on About SmartThings?

I did it thanks, I enabled developer mode on my phone. Where I see the smart apps now?

Automations section at the bottom of that screen for installed smartapps or Add Smartapp section to add new ones. Also the Life section for Smart Lock Guest Access and SmartThings Home Monitor but tHose are not dependent on developer mode being enabled :slight_smile:

I can’t find them, development mode is on

One last thing to try … uninstall the ST app and reinstall it. If you still do no have any smartapps… contact ST support to let them investigate.

Some of the ST apps are locked by region and may not be available to you which ST support can let you know.

I did this didn’t help, I try to find the support but the robot put me in all products except the Smartthings app. Do you have any better link to find the support for Smartthings ?

Go to Menu in the lower right of the screen, click on Settings (cog icon in the upper right of the screen) and select Help.

thanks I tried this but it direct me in Samsung in Romania and I am living in USA. Even my hub is registered in Usa. I checked my hub and says time zone New York. I used to live long time ago in Romania but I don’t get it how it direct me there.

Your hub may be registered in the US but it sounds as your Samsung account is setup as a Romanian account and thats where its coming from (i suspect you set it up while you were still in Romania?)

If thats the case, youll need support to fix it…

Login to https://account.samsung.com to verify what country your samsung account is set to. That would be the reason you are not seeing the smartapps. As @nathancu mentioned… contact support to get it switched.

Try emailing support@smartthings.com

I have three hubs all purchased in Norway and smart alls like guest lock management and lighting are now available on one hub where I managed to install it before all the smart apps have disappeared. I have no reasonable understanding of why smart apps are suddenly gone, and why in this world such basic things as smart lights control can be limited to particular regions. The more I deal with SmartThings, the more I get a feeling that Samsung is just looking for w way to kill the whole thing. The customer experience with it is just astonishingly bad.

Go to routines in the new app, and at the bottom is a tab Discover…

Click that and all my smart apps were there

Hope this helps…