Whenever I connect SmartThings v3 to another controller I get 4 extra devices

So, I have reset the hub several times. My whole system consists of 2 Zooz Zen24s, 10 Inovelli LZW-31s, 5 LZW-20s, 1 GoControl Thermostat, 2 Kwikset locks, 1 Fortrezz mimolite, a Samsung SmartThings, and a Honeywell Lyric. I have connected this SmartThings to a DSC, a Honeywell Tuxedo Touch, and an ADC Sem210 prior, but removed it from all of those. On each one of those other Z-Wave controllers, these 4 extra devices have showed up. On the Tuxedo they show up as relay/switches that can be turned on and off, although the don’t do anything or respond when you press them. Even after removing everything from the SmartThings, and resetting it using the reset button and the procedure from the SmartThings website. The Tuxedo and the SEM identified the 4 things as relays.

Has anyone else seen this? Does anyone why this is happening, or what they are, and how to remove them? Is it something else in my network, or something else I added in the past that has left these residual ghost devices in my SmartThings hub?