When will they get rid of the colonoscopy view?


(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #1

“My Home” screen when I first bought ST:

“My Home” screen now:

Seriously, what was the logical reason for altering the pic to that seen through a Vaseline™ covered colonoscope?


Next week.


(Jimmy) #3

I will never look at that home screen picture the same again :joy: At least for the next week…

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #4

Thank you. Any chance they will change the font color in the status circle. A slightly darker grey font on a grey background isn’t helpful.

(Different Computers. So happy with Indigo.) #5


Seriously, ST needs some UI testers with 40+ year old eyes.

Even the most basic skills in typography will tell you that BLACK text goes on WHITE for readability.

(Dr. Miguelito Loveless) #6

Absolutely, it is called CONTRAST.

(Bob) #7

[quote=“Tyler, post:2, topic:41113”]
Next week. [/quote]
Does this mean multiAttributeTiles are also changing? They were introduced at the same time, and obviously designed to (somewhat) match.


No. I was referring to a new and improved menu in our app. No changes to multi attribute tiles.