When Will Aqara Devices be SmartThings Compatible?

I use Alexa routines (not SmartThings routines, but rather routines created in the Alexa app) as an intermediary. This works fine, although it’s not local. each zone created in the aqara app shows up as a separate motion sensor in the Alexa app.

Both companies have said that there will be a direct integration eventually, but it hasn’t shown up yet. :thinking:


Yeah, I hear ya. I’ve had varied success with Alexa routines, thanks for the scoop!

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@OpethNJ @JDRoberts Sorry to tag you folks but I’m just curious if we can direct pair Aqara devices to SmartThings now? And for the smart plug does it also offer every monitoring in ST (like the energy app inside SmartThings app)?

The Aqara smart plug works perfectly in the Energy app, pairing with the default Zigbee Switch driver.


You’ve always been able to directly pair Zigbee devices which meet the Zigbee 3.0 standard, including most of the aqara Zigbee devices. You can find many threads in the forum from people using them.

That said, they haven’t always stayed connected, which has been an issue for some people, but not all. It may have to do with which Zigbee repeaters were in the home. Also, many people found that they worked better with custom DTHs or now custom edge drivers.

In any case, both companies have promised better direct integration out of the box eventually, I don’t know what’s happened on that.

WiFi devices like the aqara FP2 do not at the present time have a direct integration. Again, both companies have promised one eventually, but it isn’t here yet.

Any aqara devices which are individually Certified for matter, or which can be bridged via an aqara hub like the M2 or M3 can be brought into SmartThings that way, and again, that has worked for over six months, nothing new there.

And as far as SmartThings energy, the aqara plug was one of the very first third-party devices that worked with that service. :zap:

So this whole thread has been a little bit confusing, because people have been using aqara Zigbee devices with SmartThings for years. But mostly with custom code.

What will be new will be better out of the box stock integration, and hopefully, some integration for some of the Wi-Fi devices.


Thank you for your detailed reply and patience!

I was trying to search through forum that, some of the threads were very old so I figured they’re outdated. Also they keep saying connection was not the perfect so I would like to know if it’s been improve nowadays.

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Thank you! That’s great news! Did it drop connection for you like jd mentioned?

It’s primarily been the battery power devices like the sensors that would lose connection. I haven’t heard of those issues with the mains powered devices like the smart plugs.

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No, they’ve never given any problem! I have also a couple of Aqara temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensors with zero issues.:ok_hand:
Can’t comment on any other Aqara product as I don’t have anything more from this manufacturer.