When moving what all should I make sure?

I’m using the android version of the app and is updated one as well. It is doing a great job so far, but now the problem is that I’m moving to QC and I’m not sure how I can shift the whole system to the new home? And does it mean that I need to re-configuring the app, and also what should I do with the system configured at the old place? Will the same can be managed at the new home?
I’ll be moving next week and maybe couple of days before I’ve ordered for the moving services to get the packages shifted. So, if anyone could help me on this? It will be of great help and I can pack the security system as well along with the other packages.

I’m not sure what “QC” means in this context. Will you be in the same country using the same phone company? If so, moving is easy. It may take a few weeks before mobile presence realizes “home” is at your new address, and you should run a zwave repair after you get everything set up, but that’s about it. You won’t need to uninstall and re-pair everything. :blush:

Support@smartthings.com can help with any specific questions.

“QC” is one of the 60 States of America like AZ, MN, HI, …

Except more :maple_leaf:'s like BC, ON, …

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