When is SmartThings going to get it together

I have been using SmartThings for about a year and a half now. I started with the v1 hub and had less issues with it than I am with the v2 hub.
Rules do not seem to be working, which is bad being that I rely on SmartThings to help protect my family. I have rules set to lock the front and back doors at 10pm. They did not trigger so my front door was unlocked all night. The app keeps locking up on my phone and I keep getting a message that says Sorry, but there was an unexpected error “very descriptive!” SmartThings use to tell me when my doors were being locked or unlocked now I do not get these notifications. I have put a lot of time, money, and energy into this platform. I have 3 sensors, 2 door locks, 2 garage door openers, 6 outlets, and 10 light switches. Instead of having to use a smartapp so I can know when my doors are being locked or unlocked, this should just be native to the app, especially now that SmartThings is touting that it is a security system. Is there any hope that SmartThings is going to get its act together and fix these issues that were not issues with v1? I see you have no problem adding compatible devices “Samsung” but I think fixing the major bugs should come first.

Lock front door at 10pm-didn’t happen Status of devices does or doesn’t work Cryptic error messages


I am not sure if you answered your own question or not, but I have been with SmartThings a little longer than you, and there have always been problems with polling and schedules. Always! They have just gotten worse since v2 rollout, with even more issues cropping up in the new features.

After almost 2 years, there is not a lot of hope here.

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