When I press on "Add a thing" it does nothing

I have 2 hubs. Both do the same thing. If I create a new account for them after I enter in the account and see the hub active, if I press Add a things it does nothing.

Have you put any device into pairing mode when you click on Add A Thing?

No. But my functional hub when I press on “Add a thing” it start the seach.

I just put a new device into pairing mode and it have the same behaviour.

What device are you trying to pair?

Any device you want :). It do the same. The SmartThings hubs v2 do not start to search . It does nothing when I press +.

What device are you trying to pair?
Is it an ST motion sensor for example.
Without you saying it is hard to advise.
Is it z-wave, zigbee?

Man I have a lot of devices. New unpaired. Domitech bulb, and Z-Wave.me Wall C-S for example.
They are all ok if I tried to pair them to my functional hub.
The new hub do not start the search. And I have both of them, both do the same.

But if I enter in my old bug with my old account and press Add new location , it will add the hub and it all work. But those hub I have to set for new clients. They should not be linked to my account!

does the light on the front of the hub blink?

Ah OK. So it’s not a straight forward, I have a new hub but cannot pair anything scenario,
Why don’t you set up the new hubs with the account/email of the new clients and then pair the devices you want to pair to the new hub to it.
Having only ever had one hub and one location what you are trying to do is all new to me so it’s difficult for me to advise. Sorry.

No. All green and stable. And if I remove the Ethernet cable the bug it will say correctly that is offline. All good but do nothing on start search Add Thing.
I reset them multiple times and create other new accounts. I do not knw what the heck happens.

I try to setup multiple Hubs from the same location for different clients, with different emails.
And it works only if I link them to my account.

You should reach out to ST support:

Maybe it’s no longer applicable or I am wrong but there was a time when adding another email to the account and the new account could only get limited rights.
Why don’t you create a new account for your client instead?

Orrrrr this could be related to the current outage status.smartthings.com


The things happened because the HUB is for UK and I set it up for US.