When Hub is Rebooted, Thread Devices are Not Reconnected

I was having an issue with the disconnection of Matter via Thread device.
I managed to re-connect them (removing and re adding them). But at the 1st reboot of the hub, they were all disconnected and didn’t reconnect.

Anyone had the same issue and find a fix?

Hi, yes I used the reboot in the ST advance, and I power cycled the devices, with no success.

I had the same issue after a rwboot from the Advanced web. To get the matter devices reconnected (without jumping through hoops)I had to power cycle the hub and wait a few hours. All matter devices reconnected.

As far as I’ve found so far this seems to be the way with Matter Wifi devices and Matter bridges as well, when they have gone offline. Don’t know if that means that Matter as protocol will always make that necessary but if so it’s a disadvantage compared to Zigbee.

It would mean updating all routines an scenes they are involved in… each time the hub reboots! It’s completely unacceptable in terms of user experience.


Agreed, and would like to know if this is a characteristic of Matter on Smartthings, or on all platforms.
To make the comparison, the ability to re-pair a Zigbee device on Smartthings without deleting (and losing routines etc) is not true for all other Zigbee hubs.

Most of the time I can power cycle the Matter device and it will come back online. There have been a few times that whatever I tried didn’t work, and I had to exclude them, and then reset the device, and add it back again.

I have 8 operational Matter over WiFi devices and I have NOT seen any disconnection problems after a hub reboot. I fact my Wiz bulbs which were originally just WiFi (no Matter) seem more stable since the firmware was updated to add Matter.

I don’t have any Matter over Thread devices so I can’t comment on those.