When Comfee Dehumidifier has Bucket Full, Send a Message/Notification! Trigger by Power Consumption?

I have a Comfee DF3-WF dehumidifier. It is used every day. I would like to find a way to send a message to family members when the tank is full. The application used to control the dehumidifier remotely is NetHome Plus. The app rarely notifies you that the tank is full.

Ideias? New to SmartThings Ecosystem…

Thank you so much!


Do you have a smartthings hub, and if so, which model?

Also, what country are you in? The features and device selection do vary.

finally, what type of phone would you like to get the notifications on? Again, the available features can vary. :thinking:

Don’t have any SmartThing Hub.
I’m from Portugal.
I would like to send an SMS for my parents or even send by Whatsapp. Btw, I have an iPhone.
Thank you!