When are "Hard Wired" Smoke detectors going to be supported by Smart Things

Yes … That would be GREAT

If I understand the request correctly, it has already been done.

Yes … Thats an option. Still not much different than just doing the “Relay Hack” above …

Yes … That is the relay & door sensor “Kluge Hack” I described above … I know its doable
… not very straight forward …

Easier to install, though. And doesn’t change anything in the existing hardwired sensor net.

You do have another option, although it’s more expensive than the 3rd wire hack. The Nest Protect is a community supported device that can be battery operated or hardwired w/ battery backup and has been compatible with SmartThings for over 1 year. I do recommend my devicetype for this device because i have personally tested it and know it works well (yes i started a fire to test it :slight_smile: ) and i have had issues with some of the other devicetypes on that thread.


Halo (http://halosmartlabs.com) is working on detectors scheduled for release early next year that claim to have both wifi and Zigbee.

Which wired smoke detectors would you like to see supported?

I would go with the Halo. I like the idea of having another ZigBee device in my mesh network. I would replace all my wired smoke detectors and extend my ZigBee network at the same time.


Damonhabir, thats the “Hack” I was referring to. Its not built in … you have to get a relay and then the window/door “closure sensor”

Looks nice Ed, but they don’t look “Hardwired”

Dama … those Halo detectors dont look hardwired for 110VAC

Sidjohn1 Ok… Now we are talking … It doesn’t look like its plug and play though… looks like a lot of coding and software to make it happen … I’m not a developer and don’t know Groovy or Java

Whiles it’s not plug and play, there is no need to do addition coding cause all the coding has been done. There are instructions on to get it installed in the devicetype itself, just follow the bouncing ball :slight_smile:

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Halo is planning hardwired or battery options. I believe the reference to the 10 year battery is the backup battery for the hardwired system. The battery version will likely use AAs.


Halo doesn’t actually “have” anything yet except marketing. It’s all pre-release. No certifications.

Until you can order the product for two day delivery from Amazon, it’s all just marketing. As a consumer, you can’t know what will actually be delivered until it’s certified and ready to be delivered.

The short answer: Soon. Our production line is up and running. We will soon have all the necessary certifications to be called a smoke alarm, and talks with retail and distribution partners are continuing. We’re working hard to launch Halo as quickly as possible.

It may end up being a great product. It may end up only delivering 50% of what it promises. It may never come to market. There’s just no way to tell yet.


Good point. I’ve edited my post to indicate planned and likely capabilities.

Smoke detectors, whether they are zwave or zigbee, generally will not participate in relaying messages for other device classes. This is a safety feature so that they do not miss one of their primary alerts while they are passing along the message for some lightbulb somewhere. So so even though they are hardwired, they probably will not extend your zigbee home automation network.

I have a kidde remote Lync and already have a topic open asking for an integration which has received no response.

The problem with nest protect is it doesn’t communicate with the other hard wired detectors only other nest protects. Huge miss otherwise I would have one.

I didn’t know that are smoke detectors that played well with other vendors smoke detectors… Thats a pretty unique feature

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