What's the point of Edge drivers when it doesn't work offline?

I have installed Edge driver for my devices but when the internet is down, my ST system is dead! So I w8nder if Edge drivers run localy on the hub, why my system is not functional without internet connection!? Isn’t this the purpose of Edge drivers?!

Edge drivers do run locally and many ST routines that only include Edge drivers will run without the internet. I have personally seen at least twice automations firing with the internet down. The most recent time was last week.

Keep in mind the mobile app does not work with out the internet.


SmartThings is still a largely cloudbased system. It expects your hub to have a near continuous connection to the SmartThings cloud. As @Paul_Oliver notes, the SmartThings app always requires a cloud connection. They didn’t have to design it that way, but they did.

The point of edge is more local processing than the previous architecture. Not totally local processing. This is intended to improve speed and reliability.

If you need a system that is almost all local after initial setup except for a few third party integrations, there are lots of choices: IKEA, Hubitat, Homeseer, Apple HomeKit, etc. Each system, including SmartThings, has pluses and minuses. But if what you want is local processing, including app control, SmartThings is not a match to that requirement.