What's the point of connecting a wifi camera to Smartthings?

Most wifi cameras come with free alerts or remove viewing. What would be the point of connecting such a camera to the Smartthings hub? I do not have Smartthings yet and I’m not sure it’s really useful to me, I have a stand alone security system and looking at adding a separate wifi cam.


because you might be able to trigger the camera to record, take images, etc based on other sensors, contacts, motion detectors, etc. If you’re not into home automation, maybe its not something you would be interested in.

ok so let’s say I install an outdoor combo sensor on my fence 80 feet away from the house that will turn the camera on when the sensor is triggered, turn lights on in the house only if it is dark outside and send me a text message. That sounds possible, right?

Obviously I would not want to receive an alert every time I return home. Can I then configure the system to just turn the light on if it also detects the arrival sensor?

The short version is ‘probably’. It depends on how well/quickly your system learns that you’re home. But there are other settings (either routines, triggers, etc) that could be set up to ‘most likely’ get you what you want.

Right, so can delays be programmed? The outdoor sensor will be triggered first, if delays can be programmed I can tell the hub to turn the camera on immediately but wait 5 seconds before sending the alert as by that time the arrival sensor will be in proximity.

It’s hard to figure out what the system can and can’t do without having it or being able to play with it, they should have a customizable demo on the website.

The system can feasibly do what you’re asking… There are plenty of users automating many complicated routines.