What's the easiest way to switch DTH for 30 identical devices?


I have 30 identical devices (Z-wave switches).
I have been using a community created DTH until now.
I would like to revert to the generic DTH.

What’s the easiest way? I’m hoping I don’t have to repeat the operation 30 times.

What happens if I delete the DTH? Would all 30 revert back to generic?
What if I modify the generic DTH to include the zwave manufacturer/model ID ?
Any other ideas?

thank you!

Don’t really know about your suggestions, but my gut says 30 times it is… I think if you delete your custom DTH the devices just still point to a non-existent DTH, they don’t “fall back” to a default, but I may be wrong. Try it, and let the rest of us know!! :smile:


You could try copying the code from the new DH and saving it as the same name/ space of the old one?

I think this is correct which is why my suggestion may work.

Although if your changing back to gain local processing then your have to do it the long way round unfortunately.

Your idea to replace the “content” of the DTH is guaranteed to work; I’ve done that myself once or twice, but as you pointed out, it has drawbacks, notably if you subscribe to GitHub updates…


You can modify your GitHub source on a custom DTH that housed different code that you replaced with a different DTH. It is on the options page. It is a drop-down.