Whats the best way to smash this piece of junk up and where do I send the remains?

Currently all devices are offline, again. Resetting the hub hasnt resolved anything. I think I’m just about done with this rubbish. Save me going through the pain of resetting everything please someone!

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  1. Hammer
  2. Landfill

That is not environmentally friendly. Better to take to a location that processes such items for proper disposal :slight_smile:


Well then I guess I should’ve recycled my old 33” cathode ray tube TV last week instead of smashing into a bunch of pieces and putting it out for trash.

EDIT: That was my neighbor, not me🤪

You are definitely not alone with the kind of intention.
Two and a half years ago I bought quite a few hubs and sensors for different locations,
and that’s exactly what one call uninformed decision.
Consumer grade solution = crap grade solution.
The next logical move will be toward the LoRaWAN and self-hosted.
For alarm system maybe the Hikvision AX PRO DS-PWA96-M-WE, because
Zigbee and Z-Wave architecture is vulnerable not to mention WiFi or BLE.
Source: The IoT hackers handbook a practical guide to hacking the internet of things by Gupta, Aditya

Send it to these guys: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcMDMoNu66_1Hwi5-MeiQgw