Whats going on ? Sockets not working

Not sure whats going on, but I have a load of devices not responding this evening.

It seems like all my TKB sockets are not working.
I have rebooted the hub, but it’s made no difference.

Is anyone else seeing any problems ?

My open/close sensor isn’t responding either… Constantly says closed even when the door is wide open.

My stuff seems working (although multi sensors are currently on my desk since I replaced my front and rear doors today and forgot to get some new double sided sticky tape - DOH!)

Have you logged into the ST Dev portal and had a look at the live logging to see if the commands are being sent and apps are running?

Can’t see anything in the logs for the devices that aren’t responding.

Why would it just be the TKB sockets?
I have 5 of them and none are responding!

And then suddenly a few hours later they all start working again…

All Very Strange