What's a good way to only cool a certain floor?


I’m trying to think of the best way to cool/heat only occupied floors in my 3 story townhome. How do you guys handle this?

I know there are motion and presence sensors (infrared or something I suppose) available.

The floor plan is pretty open and as you could imagine there’s stairways you could put motion sensors on.

I was originally thinking to put a motion sensor at the top of each stairwell and have it act sort of like a turnstile (counting up as each person walks up the stairs and subfracting from that as each person goes back down). Then I quickly realized that it won’t know if your going up or down the stairs.

The more reliable option I’d think is to put presence sensors but it’d seem like I need a bunch more to reliably know if someone is on a given floor given rooms and walls.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on how to approach this goal. Thanks!

I don’t think presence sensors are specific enough to be able to tell what floor you’re on. If it’s an open floor plan, I’d say motion sensors that can see the whole floor would be the best way to go.


I’d think there would need to be a presence sensor per “room” (or conglomerated area in which you could monitor) which would all “add” up to whether presence exists on that floor.

Presence sensors just tell you whether the fob (or your phone) is within a fairly large range of the hub. They aren’t going to be able to tell what room you’re in. Plus, the floor-based cooling would depend on you carrying the device with you at all times.

A motion sensor would let you get more specific to a given room or floor with an open enough floor plan.

Ah sorry have my terms mixed up,

What I was referring to was occupancy sensors, like this http://www.amazon.com/Intermatic-CA9000-InTouch-Wireless-Occupancy/dp/B000U424DC/ref=cm_cr_pr_product_top

Yep, that’s the ticket. If you have enough of those to cover all of each floor, then you should be able to group them up and use motion/no motion to trigger a thermostat update.