What wall switch has the quickest on/off state feedback time?


I am trying to get one main wall switch to work with something like Double Tap to act as a global switch for the house. Is there one brand/model of wall switch that provides the quickest feedback of it’s manually selected on/off state to the hub?

I am currently looking at:
*GE 45637: http://www.lowes.com/pd_339577-1353-45637_0__?productId=3707736
*Linear WS15Z-1: http://smile.amazon.com/Linear-WS15Z-1-Z-Wave-Switch-White/dp/B00E1OQN8Y?sa-no-redirect=1

(Mike Maxwell) #2

I use AEON’s and also have two of the GE’s.
Both update ST in under a second.
However, I had to enable HAIL in the ST device and parameter 80 on the actual switch/dimmer to get that to work without polling.