What to replace my 12 V motion sensors with? Need your creative thoughts!

Hey folks,

I have an old ADT system with 3 door sensors and 3 motion sensors that are hardwired via 12 volt wiring. I ordered a Konnected system to port it to become smart sensors. However everywhere there is a motion sensor I already have an arlo camera which has a motion sensor and records video (which I want). So, I have the opportunity to replace these motion sensors with something else that’s cool. Any ideas? What sensors out there can be hard wired and support 12v?

Another idea is to move the arlo’s to another room and replace the motion sensors with cameras that can support 12v for power and support motion sensing and cloud recording. Does anyone know of any?

If we’re being creative, The Fibaro RGBW controller can run on 12 V and can accept input from up to four analog sensors. So you can do a lot of cool things with it, from controlling RGBW LED strips to gathering sensor data. Might not fit what you had in mind, but I just thought I’d mention it. :sunglasses:

Ha…Thanks! That’s too creative though! :slight_smile: I mean creative more in like “Well, you could get xyz camera, which can use the 12 v for power and the other 2 wires for motion sensing, and still upload it’s recordings to the cloud”, or “Well, this carbon monoxide detector can use the 12 v for power and the other 2 wires for detection”.

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