What To Do With Handle Lock After Installing Schlage Connect Deadbolt

So, my upstairs neighbors installed a Schlage Conect deadbolt on their back door and seemed to be enjoying it, so I got one and put it on our back door so that the two doors would match and we would stop getting locked out. The lock and ST are working fine, however the handle can still be locked by accident or by someone who doesn’t understand the system. What do people do in this situation? Did I just replace the wrong lock? I was reluctant to replace the handle lock with a smart lock because the Yale one I got a couple of years ago felt cheap and went through batteries very quickly.

Also, this is my first post, not sure if it is in the right catagory.

People either retain the locking handle as a separate nonnetworked device or replace the handle with a nonlocking model. Just depends on what works for best for you.

Schlage sells a matching non-locking handle, that’s probably the most popular option.


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We went with non-locking handles after getting accidentally locked out. Note that the non-locking ones are called “passage” knobs/handles, as opposed to “entry” (keyed) or “privacy” (unlock with paperclip). Helps when searching.


Thanks @JDRoberts and @mishakim. I was worried that “passage” knobs might not be suitable for exterior installation.

Just varies from model to model. The matching ones that schlage makes are design for exterior use. :sunglasses:


I replaced one of the locking handles for this reason. The others still have locking knobs .

FWIW, I have had my Schlage’s for almost 3 years and replaced the batteries in 1 of 3.


I used clear tape over the twist lock to break the wifes locking habit. :slight_smile: