What Thermostats Besides the Nest Do You All Use?

I see on the Radio Thermostat website an all white version of the ct101. Has anyone actually seen it for sale anywhere.

CT101 is lowes branded CT100 and nearly all the Lowes carry it atleast in Jersey.

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I am in northern VA! As for the thermostat… Do you think it makes a difference for the infinity system? You can’t do all the extra things the system can do with its proprietary thermostat, right? That’s what is stopping me - it has that infinite stage thing.


I wondered the same thing.

From the literature I read the “extra things” was a variable speed fan…that was it. Ecobee3 has the ability for a 2 speed fan which was fine for me. The added features / benefits of the Ecobee3 was leaps and bounds better than the old technology.

For the extra warm & fuzzy I consulted a friend whom owns his own HVAC service company. He endorsed my feelings on the fan situation (most run all the time full speed any way for circulation).

Any other features / functionality that may have made Carrier Infinity / Bryant Evolution new technology is now commonplace except the variable speed fan.

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I have two Zen thermostats. They were easy to install using the Zen online install manual, and it looks like they will work with a lot of different systems. They work just fine, but they have very basic settings themselves, so you definitely need a HA hub to set schedules, etc. They look nice on the wall and are pretty unobtrusive. You have to do some programming of the Zen units to get them to run in Auto (switching between heat and cool) mode, but if you are using ST then that doesn’t really matter and it is easy to do anyway. There are quite a few things you can program with the Zen units.

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+1 for CT100. It just works.

Honeywell Wi-Fi thermostat.

Unless you have Infinity/Evolution equipment the inf/evo Thermostat won’t work. But if you do have the high end communicating inf/evo furnace, going with the factory control is ALWAYS the best bet. I am a Wholesale Carrier Control Technician. I am the factory tech support in chicagoland for the infinity/evolution controls. I am the largest HVACR distributor in the Midwest. I have been involved in the buiz my whole life, but have had a career here for 15 years. Ask me anything.

Accurate energy tracking is still very unique to me (inf/evo) and you cannot get it anywhere outside high end communicating equipment and stats. The only way to get it is to have a full Infinity/Evolution system. Stat, condenser, and furnace need to be communicating. If none of your equipment is Inf/Evo, a INF/EVO STAT WILL NOT OPERATE, as it does not operate as a normal stat with relays to energize the terminals on the furnace for operation… It is a proprietary communication language.

Unless you have a full system installed, comparing infinity/evo to any non communicating stat and equipment is like comparing a Chevy Cavalier to a Ferrari Enzo. They are both cars have 4 wheels, engine, transmission and moves people, but beyond that nothing similar.

The logic in the inf/evo algorithms are exactly that. Algorithms. Not it is hot, cool to 72, turn on.

It operates based on rolling calculations from the last few days to a month, based on past operation to calculate and anticipate at which stage to start and how fast it will need to ramp up cooling or heating stages to effectively and most efficiently cool or heat without you actually feeling the temperature rises and drops, which creates discomfort.

Your nest, turns on when your home, off when you are not, and TRIES to REPLICATE what inf/evo multi stage high efficiency systems do, with a single stage furnace or air… Like i said. Cavalier VS ENZO.

NEST is the biggest joke in the industry. We sell enough dumb stats to techs and home owners that are replacing months old NESTs that could fill a dozen dumpsters. Every nest sold is another sale for a wholesale shop when you call your technician and he diagnoses the issue as the NEST, EVERY TIME. I see more under 1 year old nests being replaced than you can even imagine. People hate them, ESPECIALLY THE PROFESSIONALS that actually know this stuff inside and out, like me. I would never recommend a NEST to my ENEMY, let alone a stranger on the internet, or my own family!

I do nothing but deal with thousands of technicians throughout the year. Every single nest that has been found in the field is replaced to better operate the system. IT is an expensive joke on your a/c unit. Don’t be mean to the thing that works hard every day to make you comfy!

on a side note, Carrier sells the Carrier Cor. An Ecobee designed and manufactured Smart stat. It is gorgeous with capacitive touch screen.

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And this is why I use two Honeywell zwave thermostats that I’ve programmed based in my family routines. We stay very comfortable and both thermostats was less than one of those fancy high fedangled thermocraps.


Hi Very Helpful. In the DC Area. MY HVAC installer went out of business. I want to upgrade my evolution thermostats to one that is programmable and that I can control with my iPhone.

Are the Bryant Wifi Thermostats the best option? What about Ecobee?

Here are my stats:

Basement/First Floor

Bryant Evolution Gas Furnace (355CAV042080) and Bryant Evolution Air Conditioner (187BNA036 A), Spaceguard #2410 air cleaner, and AprilAire model 600 humidifier.


Bryant Air Handler (FE4ANF002T) air handler with a 10 kw heater package and a Bryant Evolution Heat Pump (286ANA024) and Spaceguard #2410 air cleaner



I also have a Bryant Evolution furnace and Bryant Evolution stat (old single-stage AC). I generally run my fan 24 hr/day. I want to replace the Bryant Evolution stat with something that auto-adjusts and can also be adjusted in a well-designed app (or SmartThings).

  • Does it have to be replaced with Bryant Evolution if I want to avoid running new wires
  • Does the Carrier model that you link also work with the Bryant or do they use different communication protocols?
  • What is the cost of something wifi-enabled which will work with the Bryant Evolution protocol? I haven’t been able to find any reasonable prices online and most just point me to a local installer
  • I like the Nest App UI and already have one which was given to me. If I run a 2nd heating wire and a common wire, I feel like I should get the functionality I’m looking for.


As I posted back in '15, I have a Trane XL624…still works fine, no problems. I have a new spare if anyone is interested…meant to sell it last year but forgot!

I use a Honeywell VisionPro wifi. My options were limited because I have a build in humdifier that I needed the thermostat to control. Since I had a non-wifi visionPro when my home was built in 2015, I simply bought the wifi VisionPro, pulled the face of the old stat off, and slapped the new one on. Easiest upgrade I ever did!

Another 2Gig CT-100 user. So far (3 weeks), so good. Pretty inexpensive, easily installed, synced well with ST, happy with @RBoy 's excellent device handler - and it’s all controlled with @ady624 's CoRE.

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Ecobee Smart SI for me. Works great especially with smartthings

Ecobee Smart Si

I am going to have to look in to this! I tried replacing my VisionPro with an Ecobee but I am less then satisfied with how the Ecobee handles my fresh air fan.

Are you able to control through SmartThings and set a hold temperature based on various rules?

yes look at Strykersks code. It is great. [Release] Updated Open Source Ecobee Device Type and SmartApps

I am looking for a thermostat that can work along e-bus:

Yes I am. I have variuos rules and automation set up outside of it’s programming