What the...? Where's the Logitech Harmony -> SmartThings integration?

Now here’s a big surprise!

I finally set out to fix the Harmony/ST integration so that thru one touch of a button I could turn on my HTPC setup and change the mode in SmartThings accordingly…

I reasoned that the problem was in the Harmony setup so I deleted the SmartThings from there… Only to find that in the home devices section… ST is gone!!! :fearful:

Ideas? How do I do that mode change now? Thanks!!

Add Smartthings in Harmony set up. They add it in Smarthings when it discovers it. The Harmony trigger app is located under More. Sure would be nice if they brought back that dang search function. Why they got rid of that I’ll never know.

harmony integration from st is currently broken, cannot find hubs

And the other way around it’s even worse! From the Harmony setup you don’t even get the option to add SmartThings!

So frustrating!

Have u tried harmony phone up. Setup add devices … mine shows both smartthings and Phillips Hyde.

weird I just got done setting one up last week and didn’t have any issues. I did use a computer to set it up the first time through.

In the phone (Galaxy Tab S with android 5.0.2) I did set the config from harmony to ST a few months ago and it worked flawlessly… it’s just that lately it hadn’t worked but I hadn’t had the time to check why… until last night…

I deleted the link in the Harmony app… and went to try and configure it again… but the screenshot above shows the outcome… smartthings is gone from the configuration options! :frowning: