What the heck is going on?


I open the ST app today and I have to log in, and now I have to register my hub? Is everything gone? Was there some sort of update?

(Stephen) #2

Saw here. My hub thought that my fiancé was still home and failed to kick over to away mode. When I looked on the app, I saw that the ST hub thought that she was still home. I had her open the app and she had been logged out.

(Mark) #3

That sounds like something else. What OS? If you try force quitting the app and it happens again, support can probably help you restore things.

(Jimmy) #4

mine kicked me out and made me log back in, but not re-register the hub. Probably another Friday backend update that broke stuff…


Me too
Firefox, Chrome etc all say I have no hub and no devices…

Oops, just pressed on ‘My Locations’

Everything has come back!