What ST device do I have?

If I’ve done this correctly, I have attached a pic.
Have a ST device sitting behind a residential light switch. The pic is the the best shot I can get. My original ST hub died and have installed a new one, attaching all devices that were on the old hub to the new hub. That is, all but one - the one shown in the attachment. I need to know what device that is so I can exclude/include. Advice please.

It looks like an Aeotec Nano (aeon labs) dimmer perhaps?

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I agree that it looks like an Aeotec case, but you can never tell for sure just from the case. It’s quite common for multiple devices from different brands to use similar cases.

We need to see the label on the back of the device. That will probably have the model number, and if you are in the US, it should have the FCC license, which will tell us exactly.

By the way, to my eye, that looks like a nano switch 2, not a dimmer, but again, you can’t tell for sure just from the front case.

For example, could you tell these apart? They are different models.

But they will have different FCC numbers.

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It certainly looks like one of the Aeotec Nano devices. Could be a Nano Dimmer (as GST mentions above), my guess would be a Nano Switch, or - if it’s connected to both physical switches - a Nano Dual Switch.

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PEFECT. Thanks greatly.