What Sockets?

I want to be able to power on and off a a 2-Gang socket that has 2 extension leads plugged in.

I have purchased a lightwaveRF socket and a hub but I’m wondering if it was the right thing to do.

I have a smartthings hub I got for free and wonder if I should not have just bought 2 of the smartthings sockets instead, or something else thats compatible with smartthings.

I just want to be able to power down the 2 sockets to turn all devices connected off standby, Either by app or by a remote control/battery switch.

Also it’d be nice to be able to power up the sockets and send a WoL to a small Nas connected to these sockets remotely.

Any help would be appreciated.


LightwaveRF is a fairly closed protocol, although you can now control it via IFTTT which you can also use with ST. So, what you’re attempting is possible, but not the best way.

The best way to do this would be to use ST (or any Z-Wave/Zigbee) outlets which work directly with ST.

If you can get a Raspberry Pi up and running LighwaveRF can be controlled quite happily by Smartthings, it just can’t keep track of the status if the switch is manually operated.

LightwaveRF Intergration

It takes a bit of effort to set-it up but once working it seems to work almost flawlessly. It’s also a lot quicker than the IFTTT response speed almost instant.

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I’m not sure it is a good idea to just cut the power from a NAS. It should be gracefully shutdown to avoid data loss or disk corruption.