What should I put on my Christmas List?

I have pretty much all of the switches and lights that I want automated automated. I have an Echo and an Echo Dot (and a couple Dot 2’s on my list already).

I have a non-integrated wired security camera system and don’t really see a need to replace that with anything that is ST compatible.

I thought about a Ring doorbell, but not sure if I want to go there. (Does it actually “ring” in your house?) I’d have to run wires up to my door to do it right…

What else is there to do? I thought about sensors for the washer and dryer. Maybe that is a place to start. I’ve looked at the Wiki for ideas, but nothing is jumping out at me there.

What’s next?


Re Ring, if you install the battery-operated model, you don’t have to run wires.

If you want it to ring in your house and not just on your phone, you’ll need a Chime https://ring.com/chime or you can set it up to turn lights on to alert you.


If you check the “get started” quick browse list in the project report section of the community – created wiki there are several similar topics there, including “what should I get next?” That might give you some ideas.

Also the “impress your friends” list has some cool stuff. :sunglasses:


My parents have the laziest dogs in the world. They got a Ring and use it to trigger speakers to make a dog barking sound. You could also do custom messages or various other sounds, but now the dogs don’t need to run to the door. I wonder who is training whom…

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