What outlets will support metering?

I have been searching around getting some info together before i go and buy a hub and outlets and such.

i was wondering what outlets support power metering (i know there will be/already is a firmware update to repost this for the hub)

i think the ST plugin outlet supports it, but does the GE in wall or plug in outlets support metering? are there any other in wall or plugin outlets that support metering? I would love to have most of my home hooked up with this kind of info, and want to find and compare different solutions.

also, are there any in wall switcher that support metering?

Thanks everyone.

I was working on the same thing, I opted to use an AEON Home Energy Meter It is a whole house meter, which may not work the way that you want it to work, but I find that the most important thing for me is how much total energy I use, vrs. how much I use for one or two connections.

You can certainly do it the way you are looking to do it, but you can chart and watch your total power usage from one area, and I have found that it is sensitive enough to see when I change power usage in a room or Kitchen easily.

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Well i was looking at that as well, since that will give me the big picture, but i’m an analytics guy, so the more data the better. i was more looking to confirm what outlets had metering. documentation on that kind of thing is few and far between.

it would be cool to know that one or 2 devices are using a lot of power, and shut them down when im not home/not needed, not to mention the pure curiosity of how much power some devices REALLY use. Knowledge is power when making decisions, and learning how my habits (and my families) effect different things would just be cool.

thanks for the suggestion though! glad to know that works well… that will be put on my wishlist of things.

In that case, Look into the AEON Switches here, They support metering, but they are bulky. I have a GE in wall sockets at my house, but plan to update them later if such a device comes out that is cheap enough