What more can I do with the Harmony Home Hub?

I have currently setup the Home Hub with 3 activities, watch Television, Play PS4 and Play Xbox. In Smartthings I have 2 activities setup to turn off TV at midnight and turn it on at 615am. I also set it up where when I play PS4 or Xbox I turn off the switch controlling the living room lights.

Is it possible to control the volume base don the time. Like when I start an activity the volume is at 40 if earlier than 9pm and at 30 if 9pm or later? Also change volume when the 9pm hits?

Also how does Hello Home work, or is that not supported with V2. I want to be able to say turn lights on/off, play ps4 without using the Echo. Can I do it with the mic connected to my PC which is in the living room along with my other HT equipment?

“Hello, Home” is just the smartthings terminology for their event log. It never was speech processing. It’s just a page in the official mobile app that lists the things that are happening with your system in what is supposed to be a friendly “conversational” style. It now appears under the “notifications” tab in the official mobile app:

" hello Home actions" was the original term for what are now called “routines.” again, nothing to do with speech processing.

So in order to have voice control you either have to have an echo or some other device that does process speech. You can do it somewhat with anything that can send a voice text to IFTTT. Or another voice processor like an android phone, UBI, etc. But there’s nothing built into the SmartThings hub itself to process voice commands.