What level of security is applied to the fan?

I am developing a smartThings app for fan to receive WwST certification.

The function of the fan is general. Just like the function on the remote control of a regular fan.

  1. Turn on and off
  2. Increase and decrease wind strength
  3. Turn left and right, stop
  4. Wind mode; for example
  5. Reservation settings
  6. Notification settings
  7. (optional) Usage history: The total usage time and usage history of devices, not users
  8. (optional) Device information: model name, MAC address, registration date

According to “Security Requirements for Direct Connected Devices”,
(Security Requirements for Direct Connected Devices | SmartThings Developers)
the requirements are different from each security levels.

I think our fan would be on LEVEL 1.
To clarify this before we start developing the firmware, I’d like to ask it.

What level my fan are on?

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This device usage will be household or a particular sector of the industry?
Also, what do you mean by the following?

  • “Reservation and notification settings”
  • On your side you will store the usage of the device to query its activity and present it in another way, for example, a chart?

Hi, @lifeandsong.

I’m just following up because we haven’t received an email from you, is there anything I can help you with?

Hello, @nayelyz.

I’ll send an email to build@smartthings.com about your questions.

Thank you for your reply and support.

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