What is the visibility of a second hub on shared account?

I am certain I am just wording my search wrong and that is why I cannot find the answer.

First hub at home, shared account with SO. Would like to set up second hub at apartment, will it automatically show up for SO because it’s under the same SmartThings account or do you have to do the invite thing for the second hub and related devices?


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Security boundaries are currently ‘location’. Read: if you add someone to a location they have basically full control of it and everything in it.

If you dont want someone to have access to something they need to not have access to the location.

So if youbwant your SO to see it make sure its in a location they have access to. And conversely if you dont… Then put it in its own location you create in your account and dont invite them…

That will save a lot of headaches. Thanks! :slight_smile:

What’s an SO ?? Never heard of that

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